One of the new WSCUC emphases is transparency.  The meaning of this is very simple.  The accreditation reports written on a university and the official letters sent by WSCUC to a school on the status of accreditation are open to the public. And the institutions basic completion rates are also publically available.

You can find our retention and graduation rates on the FPU website on our disclosure page along with other mandated reports.   

We have also received our first report in our reaccreditation cycle.  It is now “transparent” to the FPU community on our internal FPU WSCUC site.  When the WSCUC Commission finishes their work and sends their official letter regarding our reaccreditation sometime in late June or early July, both the report and the letter will be available on the WSCUC website. 

The team who visited us was exceptional in their insight into who we are, what we have accomplished and what we can do to be an even better institution of higher learning.  “Continuous improvement” is the goal of accreditation. Enjoy looking over the reports.

  • Ali Ford

    Liz, you are an inspiration to many. I have much admiration, respect and love for you. Your calm and steady demeanor has always ministered to my soul. No matter what shoes you might be wearing, I trust your steps are ordered by the Lord. Blessings to you always,