Self-Study Proposal

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The next stage of our re-accreditation is now complete.  Some might call it the end of the first stage.  We have submitted our “proposal.”  The WSCUC process is something like an academic study.  We must pose questions to research about ourselves, our university, our work, and the achievements of our students. 

We have selected three themes to highlight, and within those themes we have identified a series of questions.  The three themes are: 1) Student Achievement and Strategic Assessment, 2) Aspects of Diversity, and 3) Resources and Financial Stability.  In the proposal we have also described FPU, our social and missional context, and identified strengths and weaknesses.

Construction of our WSCUC website will soon be complete. And when that happens you will find the proposal posted there. 

Even a small proposal like this one—only 8 pages of text (single spaced, small text), plus multiple data exhibits—requires the contribution of many people, many, many types and pieces of data, and a bit of sophistication in reading and interpreting it all. 

Thanks to Dr.Linda Pryce-Sheehan, Director of Accreditation, for producing the first, second and third drafts and incorporating dozens of responses, comments, and suggestions.  Thanks also to Mike Allen, Director of Institutional Research, along with Emily La Rue and Gary Estes in the Business Office for gathering and refining graduation and retention data, along with financial ratios and numbers. Of course many others helped in the formation of the work.  But let’s celebrate the work of our colleagues!

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