WSCUC IS COMING….Let’s Get Ready!

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FPU is in the midst of  its accreditation process which will continue though fall 2014.  University-wide accreditation is required under the federal Higher Education Act, and takes place at either seven- or ten-year intervals.  The accreditation of the entire institution (as opposed to specific programs) provides assurance to the public that the university has met high standards of quality and effectiveness.  It is required for Title IV Eligibility, which allows transferability of credit, recognition of degrees, and access to financial aid for students.

WSCUC has refocused the process through which it requires and guides colleges and universities. The new reaccreditation process has been designed with a strong focus on student learning and a concern with accountability, broad university engagement, focusing attention on learning outcomes, collecting selective data and, most importantly, conducting the entire process in relation to what matters most for our particular university.

FPU has decided to use a hybrid approach for the re-accreditation process by engaging in a systematic examination of the WSCUC Standards and Criteria for Review with a theme-based examination of how effectively we sustain and meet our university goals and mission in those areas. The following themes, along with key research questions and outcomes, have been identified by FPU and will guide the work ahead of us:

  • Student Achievement and Strategic Assessment
  • Aspects of Diversity
  • Resources and Financial Stability

The university community can stay informed about the ongoing re-accreditation process by visiting the re-accreditation website to be formally announced within the next few weeks.   We also have this accreditation blog as another place for news and updates.

Please remember these important upcoming dates:

  • Institutional Proposal – Due May 31, 2012
  • Capacity and Preparatory Review Report – Due January 2, 2013
  • Capacity and Preparatory WSCUC Team Visit – March 20-22, 2013
  • Educational Effectiveness Report – Due July, 16, 2014
  • Educational Effectiveness WSCUC Team Visit – October 8-10, 2014

We encourage you to participate in one or more of the campus activities during the accreditation process, to contact a member of the Continuous Improvement  Committee if you would like to provide input, volunteer to be on a task force, or become more closely involved in this multi-year process, and certainly to stay connected through the website and blog.

Thanks for your interest.

Linda Pryce-Sheehan, Director of Accreditation

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