WSCUC–Continuous Improvement

Welcome to the new FPU WSCUC blog.  WSCUC refers to  the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  We are accredited by the Senior Commission of WSCUC. As we continue in our three year (2012-2014) accreditation process of analysis, reporting, visits and responses, we want everyone to have a place anyone can go for information, to ask questions, and to contribute to the process.  The “Continuous Improvement Committee” (CIC) is meeting regularly as is the CIC steering Committee to guide our process.  This process actually begain about three years ago. Many of you were a part of those early meeting discerning our “themes” (about which more later). 

The name of the committee signals the purpose of accreditation–continuous improvement as an educational institution, and in work with students. The CIC is composed of respresentatives from all parts of our campuses, schools, administration, staff and programs.  It is beginning to review proposals, reports and data and has already made recommendations on direction as we move forward.  Please keep both eyes and ears open for new developments and how you can be a part of our accreditation self-study.  We need everyone to be aware, involved and a part of the effort.

Thanks to all for your contributions.  More information will be following soon.

Steve Varvis, Interim Provost, and Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) for WSCUC.