Columbia/Summer2015- Jose Chavez

Landing in the Latin Land of Colombia by: Jose Chavez Our time in Bogota, Colombia has been phenomenal. We arrived close to midnight on Wednesday May 13th, almost 24 hours after leaving Fresno. After our layovers in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Mexico City, the entire team was exhausted and ready to arrive. All the extensive logistical […]

Raise gasoline taxes—really!

Want to make someone hate you really quickly? Tell them you wish gas prices would go back up, and you think we should ask our legislators for a $1.00/gallon consumption tax on gasoline. That should lose you a few friends. Yet this seemingly illogical proposal might make a lot of sense right now, as America […]

Earth Day 2007: time for personal action

In the depths of World War II Americans looked over the precipice of defeat. Nazi Germany swept through Europe and the heart of Russia in a swath of death and destruction. Fascist Japan plundered its way through China, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Amidst the pillaging, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Facing a […]

Technology gaps in the classroom

Universities are supposed to be places where the young come to learn from the old, where students seek the knowledge of the masters. It has always been this way. Yet there is one area where things are now upside-down, where the young outpace their elders: technology. Over the past decade or two the young have […]

Global warming: the high cost of doing nothing

Slabs of ice cave off arctic glaciers and plunge into the ocean. Glaciers disappear from Switzerland to Montana. Record high average temperatures and more severe storms everywhere. These are but a few illustrations of the reality of global warming. Whether the earth’s climate is changing is no longer seriously debated. Scientific skeptics now largely agree […]

Moving towards a fossil-fuel free Earth Day

This Earth Day we need to celebrate $3-a-gallon gasoline. Let’s have a big party and congratulate ourselves for this wonderful stroke of good fortune! A barrel of oil costs more now than at any other time in history since 1869! Maybe these good times will get even get better—$4 a gallon anyone? Before all the […]

Confronting the China energy threat

When I taught English in China in 1987 my students told me that China would catch up economically to the United States in 20 years. I, and the other foreign teachers, laughed to ourselves—we saw the poor living conditions, the dominance of bicycles over cars, the poor roads, the outdated technology and shoddy infrastructure. Surely […]

Is Iraq another Vietnam?

Is Iraq another Vietnam? The question is being asked more often as the numbers of fallen U.S. soldiers steadily increases, and it appears to some that a quagmire is in the making. There are important differences, however, in Vietnamese and Iraqi history and society, which make these conflicts unique and their outcomes likely to be […]