Signs of Blessing

Hanging in our kitchen is a sign that says, “life’s greatest blessings call me grandma.” The sign asserts several significant aspects of reality, one of which is the obvious fact that the kitchen is grandma Peggi’s domain not mine. I visit there and help there. From that kitchen I am regularly fed and in that […]

A Whole New World

Written By: Micaela Gutierrez ‘Sup everyone! This is Micaela G. reporting live from Kolkata. Well, maybe not live as we our blog is a little outdated considering the WiFi issues but that is just one of the aspects of this exciting Indian experience. Speaking of the Indian experience, allow me to share a little of […]

On Mission Poem by Amena Brown

We find ourselves before the one true God Hands open Hearts laid bare and broken We want to serve Him We want His name to be the very foundation upon which we build our lives To be the eyes through which we see the world Our community Ourselves We want to walk the roads of […]

What A Ride!

In about a week I will move back from my role as provost/senior vice president into the faculty to teach a variety of history classes and business ethics, a topic that caught my attention a number of years ago and to which many of us need to pay attention. I hope to dabble in a […]

We made it!

My Experience in Guatemala City As a first time traveler and first time to go outside the country, I was nervous and anxious on what to expect on this new journey I was about to take. I also had never been on an airplane before, and just to think about it was terrifying.  Although, the […]

June 2016 Board Meeting Highlights

Don Griffith, Chair, FPU Board of Trustees The FPU Board of Trustees concluded productive meetings on Friday and Saturday of last week. These were positive meetings, in large measure due to the hard work of the faculty and staff over this past year, acting together to achieve a balanced budget, make progress on the strategic […]