A true Champion is beautiful two ways

For the second year in a row the Fresno Pacific University baseball team was the national champion in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) World Series in Ohio. At midseason it looked to me like the team was unlikely to even qualify for post-season play. But the players never quit working hard. They kept [...]

What do I do with ALL this Time?

One of my favorite parts of summer is the amount of time I have. This means that I have more time to not only watch Netflix, and knit baby hats or blankets, or whatever I may think of at that particular moment, but I have more time to work. Now, work for me looks different [...]

Change Starts from Becoming Aware by: Valerie Ayala

Change Starts from Becoming Aware  by: Valerie Ayala Studying at a different country is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Without such an experience one’s world is merely but a glimpse of a huge spectrum. My world has expanded tremendously through my experience in a foreign land. It went from watching the [...]

Italy…so far

Well, 29 of us managed to make it to LAX, to Venice, to Milan, and now–finally, to Lake Como for a relaxing break 4 days into our journey. Our trip has already managed to fit in several dazzling moments, such as Venice’s Grand Canal at sunset, the exhilarating steps out of the Vittorio Emanuele Galleria [...]


It’s Been Two Weeks Already???

Well, with almost two whole weeks since finals ended, I can say that time has flown by much quicker than I would like. It’s also kind of evident since I usually post blogs on Mondays, and it is currently Wednesday. I’ve been enjoying summer so far though. In one day, I baked M&M cookies with [...]


It seems as if the academic year is hardly over, and here we are already planning for a new one. It seems that way, I suppose, because that is exactly how it is. In fact the planning started many weeks ago. What are we anticipating and planning for? Several things—let me list some of them: [...]

Learning to Hope in Haiti

Day One: We made it safely and on one accord. The trip was very long and the team was exhausted. We spent the first day at the Agape house orphanage with the children of together we can. There were 17 children all excited to see the FPU crew return to Haiti again. Little Dave is [...]