When the flesh gets out of control (pt.2)

Once again, this lesson is a good picture of a struggle of the flesh in the life of a carnal believer. You have a woman who wants desperately to continue to have children after God has already prospered her. Her motivation now is to outdo her sister. Leah is desperate and willing to do whatever […]

WASC, Part Two

Point Two In Point One of this “Connecting Points” we called ourselves to pray, to ask our Father for our daily bread in Jesus name. The daily bread of a Christ-centered university includes being accredited. Without accreditation our mission is not achievable. Our FPU daily bread also includes wise discernment about doing God’s will and […]

David Saelee: Current Student Highlight

David currently works in Fresno at the Fresno County Probation Department. He is keenly aware of the hope and love of Jesus needed with people who have made wrong decisions and have chosen to detach themselves from a life of drugs, crime, and hopelessness. He was convicted to go back to school in the field […]


Things I Love-Part 6 Celebrations

Something I love about the Fresno Pacific campus is that it is small enough that you know people. This means that when someone gets engaged, gets a wonderful new job, or has a birthday (like me) it’s a community thing! One of the first things that surprised me this morning was Garrison singing “Happy Birthday” […]

Visiting Team Report–Educational Effectiveness

The visiting team for our Educational Effectiveness Report has just left after sharing its commendations and recommendations. These will be sent to the WASC Commission with a longer report and other confidential recommendations that we never see. The WASC Commission will notify the university of the final reaccreditation status in July. What we can say […]

Points of Prayer

All FPU faculty and staff—and many students—are aware that the five members of the WASC accreditation site visit team are on the main campus today after two of them visited the Bakersfield Center on Tuesday. The team is very well suited to understand our Christ-centered educational mission and our special role in our region, our […]



So, remember a few weeks back when I had a whole blog about the #tablegate? Well, this is a follow-up to that blog where I would like to introduce to you, The Table 2.0. Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication for The Table 2.0. Many people were present at the ceremony to honor […]