Summer Fun

Summer means a lot of time to do things that the school year made impossible to do. It also hopefully means that there’s time to do fun things or nothing at all. I’ve definitely had my fair share of doing nothing, aka having Netflix marathons. This summer has already allowed me to finish all nine [...]

Letting go Tends to be Harder than Hanging on

The Smith House for Ministry is ready for full scheduling by FPU groups and programs. Located about a six-minute drive from the main campus, it has already been used for several major events, including the annual trustee dinner. This dramatic gated estate that adjoins Fancher Creek in Southeast Fresno was the residence of Ted and [...]

Counseling Office Space Available

MFT Alumni, We are aware of a Christian therapist in the North East Fresno area that only uses her office Mondays and Thursdays. She is wanting to share the space with someone. If you are interested in the space or more specifics, email me directly at MFTProgram(dot)Assistant(at)fresno(dot)edu.

It’s Monday

It’s Monday and the blog is posted which means one of two things. The first is that I am bored and I am trying to avoid other things, and the second is that I had a really exciting week that I really want to share with you about. Well, unfortunately it’s more the former of [...]

No Cuts to Cal Grant!

Thank you to all who wrote letters and emails, made telephone calls and visited lawmakers. Thank you Governor Brown. Thank you legislators. Praise God! The proposed 11 percent cut to the Cal Grant has been repealed for the 2015-2016 state budget signed June 16. As California’s higher education financial aid program, Cal Grant makes it [...]


Trains, Dresses, Shoes and Books

So by now you’ve probably figured out that I’m a little lazy. But hey, it’s summer! Let me preface this post by saying that some of my friends think that I need to get out and do fun things and go adventuring. So, here’s an adventure story and proof that I am not extremely lazy! [...]

Endings and beginnings

Below is the public announcement that we are losing our athletics director who had been with us during three extremely challenging years of change in the university and in our athletics program. As you read this announcement, you can pause to thank God that he had prepared and brought to us a particular person who [...]