Faith-Based Institutions Under a Secular Government

During the 2015-16 California state legislative year that ends on August 31, two bills in particular attracted strong national as well as state-wide attention. One bill was AB 1888, which sought to prevent California students from using their Cal Grant financial aid to attend faith-based institutions like Fresno Pacific University. Fortunately for our students, that […]

4 Ways to Set Boundaries in Ministry

4 Ways to Set Boundaries in Ministry Written by Jimmy Draper It is important to acknowledge that most of us are our own worst enemies in thinking we have to be present at everything that happens at the church. It was a liberating day for me and for the church when I discovered that meetings […]

Fall is Here, How Great is That?

This week I’m handing over Connecting Points to Randy Worden, dean of student life. Enjoy! — Rich I am always shocked at how fast summer goes and how quickly fall arrives. When I was younger, the beginning of the school year was something that always made me just a little bit sad. The change of […]

Connecting the Points to Create the Story

A futurist writes what-if scenarios, narrative descriptions of future conditions that might exist in a society, an economy, an industry, a movement, an organization or even a family or a church based on whether certain combinations of selected trends and events would converge. What if certain things are true and what if we all do […]

Andy & Carmen Owen

Super spiritual or totally crazy?

Carmen(Ens, BA ’95) and Andy Owen(MA ’00) MB Missionaries to Thailand Andy and Carmen Owen shaped their passion for reaching “the least of these” at Fresno Pacific and Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. For the last 16 years, they’ve made it their life in Thailand. As missionaries, where are you serving currently? We serve with MB […]

Introducing Dale Simmons

I have been asked to introduce myself to the FPU community and I welcome the opportunity to do so. I was born in Fort Wayne, IN, and spent most of my childhood on a cul-de-sac in a small town in south central Michigan. It was very much a Leave-It-to-Beaveresque childhood. Of particular note, immediately adjacent […]


Written By: Cierra Guerra I feel my spirit in the leaves I’m falling falling in the breeze I let you lead me and let you guide me where you want me to go. Where I’ll end up only you know. I had started to think that I belonged on the tree. But know I let […]

Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Zimmerman

While I was in my master’s program at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary (known to me as MBBS) I had a dream. I wrote and sketched the dream out. it was a dream I was passionate about and have carried with me since then in the “one day” part of my thoughts. While I was an […]

Student Spotlight: Amanda Bernabe, MFT Trainee

Applying to the MFT program at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary was in pursuit of what I believe was a missional calling. One day I was particularly moved by the passage of Luke 4:18, which says, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He […]